The Walkers

Our Baltimore dog walkers love what they do. Check out our crew of friendly faces.

Jeff Rothschild
Sarah Rothschild

My wife Sarah has been part of the business since 2003. She has a love for animals and has been a wonderful partner in our business. The dogs are as lucky as I am to have her.

Avery Rothschild

Avery may be a little young, but he loves to show off his natural love for animals. He has walked a pug or two and maybe one or two senior citizen dogs, but he still has some growing to do.


Kim is a favorite of many clients and is often requested. She is always on top of things and has been a great asset. When she does not have a dog beside her, she works at the Wine Market.


Neale walks our pups in the Brewers Hill, Canton, Fell's Point areas. He loves taking the pups to the dog park and taking selfies with the pups to make their parents smile during the day! Nights/ Weekends, Neale serves up tasty brews at Checkerspot Brewery Company.  


The son of a K9 officer, Kevin has never known life without a four-legged friend by his side. He moved down to Baltimore from Philly in 2018 and has been walking dogs in Locust Point and Federal Hill ever since. Kevin has to go to his much less fun job during the day, but you can spot him leash in hand on the nights and weekends. When he's not walking, Kevin enjoys doing literally anything outdoors, playing mediocre-at-best guitar, and eating Mexican cuisine. 


You can find Sean in Federal Hill, Pigtown, and Mt. Vernon. He has been an absolutely fantastic addition. He has an art gallery in Mt Vernon where he spends his evenings and his days are for the dogs.


Hillary has an undeniable love for dogs and works in Federal Hill and sometimes Canton. She is always smiling and full of energy. 


Jen is the manager at LMP and handles operations as well as marketing. Jen grew up with Dobermans but over the years started adopting senior cats who really need that extra love and a place to call home. In her free time she enjoys festivals and anything Doctor Who!


About US

Hi, I'm Jeff Rothschild. After working as a Financial Adviser at Morgan Stanley in Baltimore for two years, I realized sitting in a cube wasn't for me. I wanted to create a business that combined both my love of animals and the joy of working with others outside of an office setting. In the summer of 2001, Luv My Pet was born - a dog-walking and-petting sitting company that offers service to Baltimore and the surrounding areas, from South Baltimore (Locust Point and Federal Hill), to Canton, Hampden, Rogers Forge and several other neighborhoods in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Click here to view our locations served.

Luv My Pet is both bonded and insured so you can feel at-ease with our professional staff of dog walkers and pet sitters. We genuinely love what we do. And thanks to our excellent staff, Luv My Pet has served over 2,000 clients in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Luv My Pet's services include dog-walking and/or dog play groups, pet sitting and extended care. Click here to view our services page.

With Luv My Pet's dog-walking and pet-sitting services, your furry ones can stay in the comfort of their own homes for roughly the same price as a kennel. And rest-assured, our dog walkers and pet sitters are giving your beloved pets the love and affection they need. 

I've been in business for 16 years and could not imagine doing anything else! Please contact us to set up a free consultation so we can meet your pet. We look forward to hearing from you!


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